Birth Inspire Foundation

Inspire is a career advancing institute which counsels students towards choosing their right profession and trains them up to write different competitive exams. One of the most rewarding careers both in terms of job challenge and monetary benefits is undoubtedly law. For a common man law means a system of tales and guidelines which are legally enforceable. In India that usually means something to stay away from. Yet, over the past few years, with the advent of the National law Schools and Universities the tide has turned from it being a reviled profession to a much sought after one. It encompasses various fields such as litigation, media, IP or academics. Courses such as CLAT and Judicial Service thus open up exciting prospects for the students.

Joining the Public Sector Banks is one of the most lucrative options in India today. Ranging from SBI which is the largest to the other government owned banks, these positions offer decent pay packages with future career growth along with job security. Traditionally, it was believed that bank jobs are taken up either by commerce graduates or MBA degree holders. However, with the sheer amount of engineers that India is producing year after year, the picture has changed quite a lot in the last decade. More and more engineers are readily choosing banking jobs immediately upon graduating. The straight-forward answer to that a banking career in India is secure and it offers better salary package over the other sectors.

CDSE and NBA Examination are conducted by the UPSC for joining the Armed Forces which comprises the Army, the Navy and the Air force. The Armed Forces provide a life filled with adventure and challenges. A good pay package, a sense of belonging to a common brotherhood, a lifetime commitment to one’s country are some of the tempting reasons why mate and more people are being drawn to this profession.

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Our Foundation donates books and awards scholarships to both the meritorious and financially constrained students alike. Inspire grants 2 full scholarships and 2 half scholarships to students from each course offered. Similarly, Birth donates books to 5 undergraduate students selected from 12 Government Medical Colleges in West Bengal throughout their course of study each year.
Birth Inspire Foundation intends to engender knowledge relevant to the current situation, do a root cause analysis of the various health and educational problems affecting our society, analyse the available options and choose the solutions likely to have the greatest impact on these fields. This intent is not the exclusive preserve of universities or research councils, but equally of health and educational services and non-governmental organisations.