Testimonials over a decade

Thank You. The Dream of Having A Baby is Now Reality.

30th September, 2009

Dear Sir,
It gives us great pleasure in conveying our heart-felt appreciation to you and all the doctors, lab professionals and staffs of BIRTH in the way you had successfully handled our infertility problem through IVF. It had been possible because of highly skilled doctors, modern infrastructure, dynamic work, culture and streamlined management processes of BIRTH. It is really difficult to describe your achievement in a single page of document.
We think it was one of those unique cases in terms of frequent challenges faced right from the follicular study to the caesarean delivery. But the end result is a great and significant success.
The drugs could produce only two ovums but both were successfully collected, fertilized and transferred. We appreciate Dr. Gautam Khastgir, Dr. Sudeshna Chaudhury and Dr. Kalyansree Chaudhury for their excellent work in ovum production, follicular studies, egg collection, fertilization and successful transfer of embryo.
Because of excellent and accurate USGs by Dr. Sudeshna Chaudhury, risks were identified on time and proper medication kept everything normal despite continuous bleeding which started three weeks offer pregnancy confirmation and continued till twelve weeks.
We owe to Dr. Kanchan Mukherjee who could detect the start of abortion on time and advised Shirodkar’s stitch. It was Dr. Khastgir who faced the challenges during the operation but finally executed successfully.
When date, time and place all were set for the final show, two days prior the planned date, liquor fluid started leaking. On the same day,14th September, 2009 a baby boy of 3.52 kg was born after a successful caesarean operation performed by Dr. Khastgir.
Last but not the least we must admit getting treated at BIRTH is really economical with respect to the quality services you provide. We wish BIRTH and all of you continue to serve patients over the years successfully, we also wish all the couples having infertility challenges smile finally

Mr. Partha Pratim Roy and Dr. Jinia Das 91/C/27 Motilal Gupta Road, Kolkata-82